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Check out this video, short but sweet, along with information you can use.

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feeling GREAT…


We’ve made great progress haven’t we? Our lifestyle has blossomed into optimal health. We are eating healthier, enjoying more activity.  We love biking and will be doing the Katy Trail here in Missouri soon.  Check out Geni’s Eureka Moment in previous blog post… YOLI & Me .

Our desire is to work with you in your TRANSFORMATION, to help you discover your Eureka Moment.

We are Luther & Geni Witt, and we are here for YOU!

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Our YOLI Relaunch-Week Two

Something To Think About

What’s your waist size?

Did you know your waist size is an important factor in your health.

Watch this short video from Dr. Oz, and let me know what you think.

Our weight loss has not been what we’ve desired this week.  As we evaluated the process, we have splurged more than we should have.  I like Dr. Oz’s suggestion about not eating 3 hours before bedtime.  We have continued our exercise program, and that has done wonders for our energy and feeling of well being.

We’ve watched the video, and will be taking notice of our health through loosing inches in our waist as well. Dr. Oz shared than even 10 pounds lost from a woman weighing 200 pounds significantly cuts back her changes of heart disease and other issues associated with being over weight.

Our PH plays an important role in our health as well.

Our goal, TRUE HEALTH!

Will you join us on the journey?

Our Yoli Relaunch

January is a time of new beginnings. So many people want to transform themselves at the start of a new year.

We loved the goodies at Thanksgiving, and Christmas time. And because we enjoyed so many of them, we put on a bit of extra weight. We are ready to RELAUNCH our healthy weight loss with the life style system we know to be the best quality of all natural ingredients, Yoli the Better Body System, promoting a healthy lifestyle with weight loss as a side affect. 

Here are details to our 30 day relaunch.  This video explains what we will be doing.  Here you will meet Dr. Mike Okouchi.  He is an expert in the health and nutrition industry, as a Holistic Practitioner with a focus on human health. He owns and operates a Wellness Center in Sunny Southern California.  You may be interested in checking out what he has to share on his blog, 

Our first launch with BBS (Better Body System) was amazing.  I lost about 20 pounds, and my husband lost over 30 pounds.  This was done effortlessly!  

Previously both of our blood workups had shown undesirable results.  Luther had borderline high blood pressure, and his cholesterol was way too high.  The doctor strongly suggested weight loss, and wanted to prescribe cholesterol and high blood pressure medication.  Luther held him off for another six months and the doctor agreed.  But if by the next appointment these things hadn’t improved he would be prescribed medication to bring his blood work results into normal ranges. They changed dramatically for him after six months using the Better Body System (BBS).  No medications prescribed.  As a side note; Luther tore his meniscus late last year, and went through a successful surgery.  The surgery nurses were amazed at his age (56) and that he was on zero medication.  Luther’s first healthy goal weight is 250 pounds.

For me, I had been on Metformin and Avandia for many years due to a family history of diabetes, and I was showing the same trends with a diagnosis of Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome. After six months of the YOLI Better Body System, I was off the Metformin and Avandia.  Lab work was excellent!  I continue taking Armour Thyroid for an under active thyroid, but hope this too will improve. I have less than ten pounds to reach my goal weight, and I will do it!  For me it seems that last ten is the most difficult to shed, but I will persist.  I have taken another challenge, which I did not do with the first transformation with YOLI; I am going off coffee for at least two months.  This has been difficult, as a quad expresso cappuccino is a ‘comfort thing’ for my mornings. Luther has joined me.  We are now sipping hot steaming herb teas in the morning as our alternative, and enjoying a berry Thermogenic Energy drink called PASSION.

Passion icon

We both have physical exams in February, so we will be excited to share these results with you.

This is where we began


and now.


I will be journaling our journey to our ideal healthy weight and life style each week.

We would love to invite you to read our health journey as it progresses, but also would love you to join the journey with us.

You can contact us @  Live Well Be Well


To the journey, healthy for 2014 and beyond!