Our YOLI Relaunch-Week Two

Something To Think About

What’s your waist size?

Did you know your waist size is an important factor in your health.

Watch this short video from Dr. Oz, and let me know what you think.


Our weight loss has not been what we’ve desired this week.  As we evaluated the process, we have splurged more than we should have.  I like Dr. Oz’s suggestion about not eating 3 hours before bedtime.  We have continued our exercise program, and that has done wonders for our energy and feeling of well being.

We’ve watched the video, and will be taking notice of our health through loosing inches in our waist as well. Dr. Oz shared than even 10 pounds lost from a woman weighing 200 pounds significantly cuts back her changes of heart disease and other issues associated with being over weight.

Our PH plays an important role in our health as well.

Our goal, TRUE HEALTH!

Will you join us on the journey?

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