REcap, & REvisit Cali Trip

Early June to Late July…


Kota with Grandpa at the Dialysis Clinic

What a blast!  I enjoyed a 7-week respite with many whirlwind experiences. The time in southern Cali kept us so busy. It was at times hard to catch our breath. We spent memorable time with Lu’s dad. He receives dialysis twice weekly, and is confined to a wheelchair when traveling.  So to make life more exciting we explored the lovely beaches, and lively boardwalks with him, any place of beauty that his wheelchair would permit.


Celebrating Fathers’ Day!

My niece’s high school graduation and celebratory party brought family together, that we’ve not seen in many years. We visited to our hearts content, ate lots of great food, played games, and with grandma feeling adventurous—even experienced a late night at the movie theatre.


Garber Girls: Juli, Amanda, Geneva, & Geni (Witt)

Then it was time to depart.  Joined by mom and sister, my son, & husband we headed north, destination, Mom’s place.



That became our home base, as we took a trek to South Lake Tahoe to see Sandra Witt.  We introduced a few of her friends to a BBP.

BBP with Sandra's friends in S. Lake Tahoe

BBP with Sandra’s friends in S. Lake Tahoe

We enjoyed tasty treats and in the process made new friends. The following day we enjoyed a kayak exploration of only a small portion of the enormous Lake Tahoe.

Back down the hill we headed, with Luther and Dakota’s time to travel home to Missouri fast approaching. We fit in another kayak trip-this time on Whiskey Town Lake, enjoyed introducing Mom and Juli to their first ‘real’ sushi experience at Kobe’s Steak House.  They’ve vowed to return soon.





Mom and Juli were great hostess’s opening their home for two BBP’s.  We enjoyed preparing the snacks that were perfect paring to the BBS. The spread was impressive and delicious. The testimonials shared were inspiring.


Anza capturing a picture of the delicious Chicken Bombs.










For example I met Jonathan, a young man with determination and tenacity to reach a life long goal, and YOLI the Better Body System was the tool he used to accomplish his dream.  He has lost over 100 pounds since August 2013. Is running over 7 miles daily-outrunning youth just out of high school, with knee and back injuries from a career in horse-shoeing. His body has become stronger, and healthier due to the BBS.  He is in the Army now, a longtime dream fulfilled. He met the many obstacles, and the first was the weight loss—and he did it!



Jonathan at the Sun Dial Bridge, Redding CA

Jonathan at the Sun Dial Bridge, Redding CA

BridgettYoli2014JulyAnother touching story shared was from Bridget. She glowed through the telling of her experience.  You would have never guessed just a short time ago she was depressed and actively shied away from contact with people. She felt she couldn’t afford the BBS, but sitting down with her husband and looking at their budget they determined simply cutting out the money she spent on daily Dr. Pepper and fast food, she could afford this life style change she desired.  She was seeing her doctor every week.  After one week of YOLI her doctor didn’t recognize her fraternizing with his staff out in the waiting room.  Her transformation has only just begun, and she has come so far!


We had fun getting to know one another!

It is wonderful how others sharing ‘their’ stories can be such and impact. My mom started the YOLI 30-day Transformation along with my sister last week. My mom has been doing the Alkalization kit for several months and has noticed her acid reflux lesson. It was after a BBP at her house, and the testimonials shared, that she decided to take the plunge and go all out for the next 30 days. At the writing of this blog she has lost 6 pounds, and along with adding the ‘loading’ dose of Alkalete has noticed less swelling in her ankles, and more agility to stand from a sitting position on the couch. She has included a Yoga class that is 60 minutes in length and She is 76 years young. I am excited for her and the continued progress she will be experiencing!! Thank you Bridgett York, Jonathan Brakeman and, of course, Vicky Egar-Klein.



We love when we can workout together.

My sister is unstoppable; she has had great success with the BBS in the past. She has experienced several setbacks with being unemployed by a layoff and then a very strenuous active job as a Lineman and injured herself. She has been receiving physical therapy, and recovering from surgery for a broken toe. To her chagrin she gained back the weight she had lost. She has tried to use comparable products, but did not experience the energy or weight loss she desired. Hearing the shared testimonies from the BBP, she and Mom will be supporting each other on the BBS.


We are committing to the Yoli 30 Day Challenge…TO OPTIMAL HEALTH!!!


So here we go! Stay tuned for updates as they arrive.

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Our Transformation to better health and energy

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Still in progress; but so much more energy, and feeling GREAT!


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