The YES shake…

Luther and I love our YES shakes each morning.  They are a wonderful beginning to excellent nutrients at the ‘rise & shine’ of our day.  We make our shakes with homemade Kefir, just like you would add milk, almond or rice milk. It is delicious and filling.  Two hours later we have a protein snack, and we are well on our way to a healthy and nutritious life style. In the evening we use almond milk, and make a delicious almost dessert like chocolate shake…adding ice to make it really cold.

If you would like more details about what makes this YES shake so nutrient dense and healthy, watch the video below.  I have made it a habit to read the ingredients of what I am putting into my body. We even compared for ourselves the ingredients in other Protein shakes, and found the YOLI YES shake is far superior.

  • YES, the Yoli Essential Shake, is a foundational product of the Yoli Better Body System. YES is a delicious, whole-food, low-fat, low calorie, easily digestible, gluten-free, natural shake, sweetened with stevia, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors.
    • Supports Healthy Weight Loss
    • Enhances Muscle Development & Maintenance
    • High protein from the most pristine source
    • High fiber and just 80 calories per serving
    • Ideal meal-replacement solution and/or healthy snack for the whole family
    • Perfect pre and post-workout supplement.

    YES uses PuraWhey, the finest, biologically active, non-denatured, and minimally processed whey protein, to maintain the full range of all the nutrients present in fresh raw milk.

    • Contains the three precursors your body needs to produce Glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant.
    • With over 89,000 medical articles documenting its benefits, Glutathione is the most critical and integral part of your body’s detoxification system.
    • Comes from happy, grass-fed cows with zero hormones or GMO foods.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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