Eureka, I found it…A way to break the cycle!

What was the cycle you may be thinking?

It was diabetes.  Its roots deeply embedded within my family tree. I was devastated when my doctor diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance several years ago, and prescribed two medicines to help ward off this destroyer of health.  Here I was, another step closer to its strangling roots.

I was introduced to YOLI; The Better Body System, through a dynamic family member (on my husband’s side), and within 6 months YOLI & me “BROKE THE CYCLE”…A path to BETTER HEALTH with products of superior quality.


My new mission is to encourage others to “BREAK THE CYCLE” and transform themselves physically, emotionally, and financially, and to help them CREATE their STORY–

Are YOU ready to CREATE YOUR Eureka MOMENT?

I am Geni Witt, and ITS YOLI & ME FOR LIFE!



If you would like more information email us at info@betterbody123.com

or at Live Well Be Well


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